A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition Board Members

Seated: Paula Stewart, Bronson Miller

Standing: Debbie Eisenhower, Kim Pope, Freida Gwinn, Mark Sijthoff, Chastity Trivette, Andrew Norman, Sheila Cooke & Linda Moon.

Mark Sijthoff : Chairperson

Linda Moon : Co-Chairperson

Chastity Trivette : Secretary

Kim Pope : Treasurer



To Create a Community FREE of Substance use/misuse/abuse


It is our MISSION To:


To help Johnson County become free of substance use disorders.

To Support the Youth of our community as they strive to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle.

To strengthen the economy, families, and community of Johnson county through elimination of substance misuse.

To bring together stakeholders to support a healthy community by strengthening individual and community assets.

To be a community leader and provide resources to our community partners and members

Community Overview


Johnson County is made up of seven “communities” within our county each rich in heritage and tradition. 

Trade- generally considered Tennessee's oldest community, Trade was established as a trading outpost in the 18th century and was visited by English-speakers as early as 1673. 

Butler- known as “The town that Wouldn’t drown” as it was relocated to higher ground to make way for Watauga Lake

Laurel Bloomery- known for its beautiful mountains and secluded valleys.

Shady Valley- known for its cranberry bogs which it celebrates each year with a huge festival and also “The Snake” a 489 twist, turn and curve motorcycle ride through some of the most beautiful country in the United States. Most residents are defined by their community within our county and most stay close to home and family. 

Doe Valley so named for the expansive population of deer.

Roan Creek/Forge Creek- all have rich histories dating back to Civil War times and before,

all connecting to the County Seat which is Mountain City. The Population of  Mountain City proper is 2531 people with approximately 500 residents living in one of 7 lower income housing developments, within the city limits. Our community is focused on developing a reputation in the Southeast area as a cultural center where community members can develop their crafts and skills, with the opening of the new Johnson County Center for the Arts,  and Heritage Hall Theater, known region wide for its beautifully restored theater and stage. We are a community that values our traditions and works to maintain a “simpleness” to our life and lifestyle.