The More You Know

Underage Drinking


Alcohol is one of the first drugs used by youth.  Early use effects the teen brain differently than the mature brain interrupting the "wiring" of the teenage brain slowing down brain activity and development.

Binge Drinking


Binge drinking is classified for men having 5 or more alcoholic drinks at one setting.  For women having 4 or more alcoholic drinks at one setting.

Social Hosting Liability


In Tennessee, it is illegal for parents or anyone to provide alcohol to an underage person or even a place to drink it.  Being a social host is a Class A Misdemeanor.  

TCA 39-15-404, TCA 57-4-203, TCA 40-35-111

Alcohol Use Disorder


Alcohol Use Disorder is defined as a disease that causes lack of control and compulsiveness associated with drinking alcohol.

Understanding Your BAC Level


There are many factors that determine your Blood Alcohol Content.  Among those are food consumption, prescription medication or other drug use, strength of drink, your weight, gender, and how fast you are drinking.  An individual's BAC will continue to rise, even after drinking, for a period of time until reaching peak levels before beginning to decrease.  This could be many hours later.



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  • SAMHSA at or Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP
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